Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reality Check Of A Starving Artist.

Hi my name is Regina. I'm happily married and a mother of a beautiful little girl! I love to be surrounded with my family, friends, and those who give out positive energy! I'm an ARTIST by heart but never had the means to pursue it.  I'm sure most artists can relate. I actually went to school for art but life sort of took another path. I was blessed with a surprise of having my first child!!! Although I was happy to start a new chapter in my life, I was hit with a life altering "Reality Check". Starving artist and a new born baby did not fit the equation of a realistic future for my growing family.  My husband and I lived in a studio apartment with no place to put a child.  We where drowning with bills and literally was starving.  Finally I had to make the harsh decision to put my "Passion for Art" on hold.  I then decided to go back to school for nursing, which was my second choice!  I love it! But, as an artist by heart, I yearn for creativity.  To fill that void, I continued to play around with art and eventually filled my home with all my original art work and gift friends with hand made trinkets!  Friends and family who've seen my work all ask me if I still commission art work for people. Plenty ask for ideas or tutorials on how I make them.  This is why I launched this blog!  "I want to inspire people to tinker with their inner artist".  Art is deceiving and most think they where not made to use that side of their brain. This is why I am showing simple step by step instructions to create your own art piece that you would be proud to showcase!!! Pretty soon your home will be filled with original art work by YOU!!!  I will be posting new projects often so please subscribe to my blog to get updates on new ideas you can try!!!