Thursday, September 19, 2013



Every craft project has a story. When you are triggered to create something new it must have inspired you in some kind of way!  This is how my story started.

I was doing my semiannual "DEEP" cleaning of my closet a week ago. I do this religiously to make room for "NEW THINGS"!!! I started off by bringing a large trash bag upstairs thinking that this will be big enough to de-clutter my closet. NOT. After 9 hours of de-cluttering and organizing, I filled five large trash bags full of clothes and accessories. YIKES :/ . Why does this happen every six months? I must say though that two of those bags where my daughter's things! But, then again, I guess it was me who bought those for her as well. 

Getting to my story, while I was decluttering and organizing, I stumbled upon a few of these long necklaces that where popular back in the "early" turn of the century.  In other words, ten long years ago. Doing the math, I have stumbled upon these necklaces about twenty times calculating by my "so called" semi annual "DEEP cleaning" events.  Why have I not thrown them away? I figured it was time to let them go so I placed them in the bag and loaded them up in my car to drop it off to Goodwill. When I got there a nice gentleman greeted me at the drop off door. I opened the back door to my SUV and the necklaces somehow fell out of the bag. Was this a coincidence? I took another look at them and decided to keep them for the twentieth time. I figured every time I stumbled upon them, I must have found potential in them! the gentleman kindly assisted me to unload the rest of the trash bags and handed me a donation receipt. I hurried back home and spread these necklaces out on my craft table and played around with them. I came up with this easy two step process on how to transform these long necklaces into big chunky statement piece necklaces that is current in today's fashion world. how have I not come up with this sooner?  I do not know but I'm glad to say that I am happy I kept them, made them new again, and share this wonderful story with all of you!!!